It's not a love story

Life is really precious.

We need to cherish every moment and be thankful for everything we have or have been given.

Heaven gained an incredible and amazing person.

Although we weren’t that close, I still considered you part of my AM family that I dearly love. All my love and thoughts go out to your lovely and beautiful wife.

Baby I’m in love with you ~

Baby I’m in love with you ~

Loving You – what should I do – what should I do?
I can’t control my heart, my heart is not working
It’s to the point where I can’t focus
Boy I’m falling in love with you

eric nam - ooh ooh


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sistar's mvs | inspired by x & x
"When I was 20, I loved music so much that I wanted to become a singer and I just came up to Seoul blindly with a friend. I did a lot of various jobs, and came here through many auditions. It’s touching that my dreams are slowly becoming fulfilled one step at a time.